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                材料院:Nanoscale Synthesis and Assembly to Smart Optical Materials
                学术地点 工◆程实验大楼240、244多媒体报告厅 主讲人 殷亚东教※授(加利福利亚」大学)
                讲座时间 2019年6月21日(周五)下午4:00-5:30


                目:Nanoscale Synthesis and Assembly to Smart Optical Materials




                主持人:黄宏∑ 文教授




                Prof. Yadong Yin received his B.S. (1996) and M.S. (1998) in Chemistry from the University of Science and Technology of China, and Ph.D. (2002) from the University of Washington, Seattle (with Prof. Younan Xia). In 2003, he became a postdoctoral fellow at the University of California, Berkeley under the supervision of Prof. A. Paul Alivisatos, and then a staff scientist at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory in 2005. He joined the faculty at the Department of Chemistry, University of California, Riverside in 2006, and became a Full Professor in 2014. His recent recognitions include Cottrell Scholar Award (2009), DuPont Young Professor Grant (2010), 3M Nontenured Faculty Grant (2010), NSF CAREER award (2010), and NML Researcher Award (2016). He is currently an associate editor of the Journal of Materials Chemistry C, and also serves on the editorial board for NPG Asia Materials, Advanced Functional Materials, SCIENCE CHINA Materials, ChemNanoMat, Research, and Chem. Rev.

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