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                材料院:Hybrid Nanostructures as Electrode Materials for Alkali Metal-Ion Batteries
                学术地点 工程实→验大楼↓240、244多媒▲体报告厅 主讲人 Prof. Zaiping Guo (University of Wollong
                讲座时间 2019年6月18日(周二)下午4:00-5:30


                目:“Hybrid Nanostructures as Electrode Materials for Alkali Metal-Ion Batteries ”

                报告人:Prof. Zaiping Guo (University of Wollongong)

                点:工程实验 也有可能大楼240、244多媒体都會得到雙倍报告厅






                Prof. Zaiping Guo received a PhD in Materials Engineering from the University of Wollongong in December 2003. She is a Senior Professor in the school of Mechanical, Materials, Mechatronic, and Biomedical Engineering, University of Wollongong, and an Associate Editor of ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces. She received the ARC Queen Elizabeth II Fellowship in 2010 and the ARC Future Fellowship (FT3) in 2015. Her research focuses on the design and application of nanomaterials for energy storage and conversion, including rechargeable batteries, hydrogen storage, and fuel cells. She published more than 300 papers in the past 10 years, More than 90 papers were published in journals with IF > 10. Her publications have been cited >19500 times with an h-index of 75.

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